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Bindu Tratak

To do Bindu Tratak, you sit on a woolen seat, mattress, or chair. Keep your spine straight. If you have pain or are unable to sit for long, then you can sit with any kind of support. Now imagine that you are flying in the air or floating in water or going into a deep cave. There should be no other thoughts with this imagination. Control the thoughts while imagining and get immersed in the depths of imagination. This is called the stage of meditation. By doing this, the outer mind connects with the inner mind with control over the thoughts inside you.
When the thoughts are under control, then you have to slowly open your eyes and look at the point in front of you without blinking your eyes. Do this until tears start coming out of your eyes. In the initial days there may be tears in a few seconds, so there is no need to panic. By increasing the practice gradually, it will increase. Practice patiently with enthusiasm, don't put too much emphasis in the eyes in panic. Otherwise, instead of the benefits of Tratak, side effects will start appearing. Will tell you more in detail about this topic. Just remember that excess of every exercise is bad.
After tears come from the eyes, try to close the eyes and see the point with the inner mind, it is called Antah Tratak. Its time limit should be at least equal to your age in minutes, for example, if your age is 25, 30, 35 years respectively, then you should do Anta Tratak for 25, 30, 35 minutes respectively. You can do Antah Tratak more than the time.
What is the meaning of Tratak? Have to stare at any type of object. Everyone knows this but this is not the complete truth. Gazing is the definition of Balehi Tratak but it is completed by your imagination while staring. Yes, your success and your experiences depend on this power. This is the reason why sadhaks often fail because they do not fully understand the definition of Tratak.

When we do tratak we eliminate thoughts but at that time it is mandatory to have one thought in our mind. He can be whatever you want to achieve. Just like to learn hypnosis, you should imagine that “magnetism is developing in my eyes. I have hypnosis power in my eyes. I can attract or hypnotize anyone I want with my eyes. This imagination should be done with full power, the more seriously this work is done, the more the path of success will be cleared. Now we should know the initial experience.
Initial experience: All these experiences are by me and also by the sadhaks as per the ancient scriptures of Rishi Maharishi. The experiences I am describing here are not mandatory for all the seekers. If you can have some of these experiences then there is no need to get distracted. There is no doubt that tratak is more popular than meditation and it should be because it gives quick results.
Initially your time limit can be from a few seconds to a few minutes. If you increase the time gradually, you will be able to gaze continuously for 10-15 minutes by increasing this time limit in a few days. In these 10-15 days, there are many experiences, such as sadhaks see the point moving, some sadhaks see the point moving. In the same few days, this point starts appearing more than one to two or three. In such a situation, the seeker should try to see him as one.

How to do Bindu Tratak? Bindu Tratak

In the meantime, sometimes the dot disappears on seeing and sometimes again it appears blurred. Somewhere one point disappears and starts appearing in another place, then you will understand that you are in a position to establish a relationship in the depths of your mind. This happens due to the connection of the shedding mind with the inner mind and due to the sudden breakdown of the connection, actions like disappearing and coming to the fore take place. It means you are going on the right path. And requires constant practice. Within a few days, sadhaks start seeing a light cover around BJNDUBAL. At this time the seeker needs to increase this cover. And it starts growing slowly on your imagination. It has been seen many times that many sadhaks see this light in different colors, it is due to the effect of 7 chakras inside the sadhak. The seeker whose power of the chakra inside is more, that seeker can see the color of that chakra.
After 2-3 months, the seven colors are visible inside the chakra respectively, and after some time the point becomes as bright as the sun. At this time the time limit for sadhak's gazing becomes about 30-45 minutes. After about 6 months, the seeker starts having very unique experiences, it depends on his personality. Some sadhak sees glimpses of his past birth and some sadhak starts seeing glimpses of his future. Many times sadhaks see many visions inside the point, some of which may be of this birth and some may be of previous births.
Some scenes can be blissful and some can be frightening. Now after about 8-9 months, the time of the seeker starts to become zero, that means the seeker experiences the loss of tratak which is very pleasurable. In this situation, the seeker can go for wandering anywhere. He can go anywhere and see anyone. Suppose you want to know what your acquaintance is doing, then you reach there and you start seeing it like a video. All this happens through the eyes of the mind.
In 12-15 months, seekers automatically get telepathy, kenases, speech achievement, thought communication, hypnosis power, past future, etc. achievements on the basis of their imagination power. On continuous practice, the seeker experiences a lot, which is not allowed to be told here. This is the only hope that the seeker can sit in one place and visit the universe. The seeker gets to know the secrets of life somewhere.

benefits of tratak

  • This practice makes the eyes strong. This removes the weakness of the eyes. Eyes get used to the practice of tratak. There is an increase in the light of the eyes.
  • The mind remains calm. We connect with ourselves more and more. Concentration develops.
  • It helps to become a hypnotizer. Magnetic power develops in the eyes. With this we can be able to subdue anyone.
  • Past future grows into present foreshadowing. At the same time, the brain power becomes strong.
  • With continuous practice, you can be successful in moving objects without touching them.

Bindu Tratak Bindu Tratak


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