Thought communication / Vichar Sampreshan / telepathy.


Thought communication through Tratak:-

         Thought communication means transmitting thoughts from one place to another. Just like the way we exchange our thoughts with each other through mobile. Through thought communication, any special person can be conveyed to his mind without speaking. Even through this Vidya, by sending thoughts according to our mind, the person in front can be obstructed to do the work. Which is also called vashikaran in common language. Any person can do this work. It is just necessary to learn it properly and use it. This world is full of mystery. In which this mystery itself is very important. Every person has this power but he does not know how to use it. In ancient times, sages, sages, gods, demons and individuals used to do special things. In earlier times, there was no mobile or other type of communication process. But today's era is the modern era and in this era, technology has deprived us of some powers. Today we give it the name of mystery. When we have this power then why can't we use it? If yes then how can it be done? Many questions like this take our mind.

       In which a question arises is it really possible? The answer is yes absolutely possible. The work that you can imagine exists in this world is the bitter truth. You can imagine the same that pervades this universe. There is no such concept which is impossible. And this is not an imagination, it is a reality which has been used by Lord Shiva, Yogi, Rishi, Maharishi etc. since ancient times. Even today we use it unknowingly. Let us understand through an example: When a couple enters into a new love relationship, they have some kind of unwanted experience. Which we unconsciously do not understand. But these experiences are strange and very pleasant. In a new love relationship, when one side remembers the other side from the heart, then that person gets a feeling. Somewhere you must have seen either the person there comes in front of you or his phone call comes. Why does this happen?

Another example, a relative remembers a person with a very sincere heart, then when his call comes, we are surprised and we say “Hey, I was missing you.” Then the question arises why does this happen? Knowing all this, we forget it by being ignorant. They call him very coincidentally.

     According to psychologists, every thought of our mind has a frequency. Which is able to travel from one place to another just like a mobile network. All we need is the sender of the signal as well as the receiver. And it is necessary to use that art in real life. Let's know its method:

     We have received this secret power from our ancestors, now we need to learn how to use it to our advantage. Our mind works to transmit thoughts from one person to another. As we mentioned in the previous article that there are 2 parts of our brain first conscious mind and second subconscious mind. The conscious mind is always engrossed in thoughts but it sleeps in one situation but the subconscious mind remains active for 24 hours. Where our conscious mind gets free from the web of thoughts after sleeping, our subconscious mind starts exerting its full influence. As a result of which we also travel in dreams. If we learn to control the subconscious mind, we can read whatever we want. We can forcefully impose our ideas on a person. Can inspire you to act according to your mind. Sometimes even after being in a conscious state, the subconscious mind processes some thought, as a result of which our thoughts reach inside the person in front and he says that I just remembered you. Because at that time you remembered him. If a connection is established between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, then this task becomes very easy. Whenever you want, you can send your thoughts to anyone and get them done according to your wish. He can also put his programming in his mind without uttering a word.

   For this it is necessary to concentrate our mind. With full concentration of mind, if we send a thought to someone charged with strong faith, then it will strike the mind of the person in front of us. With constant practice, obedience can be achieved even in a few minutes. It may take time in the initial stages. It is necessary to take some precautions while sending thoughts like the person to whom thoughts are to be sent has to communicate thoughts with full concentration, but at that time it is mandatory to have the face of the person in front of us in our mind. We have to imagine the work we want to get done and think that the person is doing the work we want to get done. The idea should be such that the person in front should be able to do it. Somewhere if we give such an idea that someone walking 500 kms can come to me in 2 hours, then it is an impossible task. That's why give ideas only what the person in front can do.

    To strengthen the thought communication power, we should do some exercises. Due to which the quality of speed and effectiveness of thoughts will increase.

exercise 1

Suppose we want to send our thoughts to a particular person. it could be someone you know So it's a good thing. Take a black and white photo of him and paste it on the wall in such a way that if we are sitting in front of him then his eyes and our eyes should be straight. The room should be quiet and clean. There should not be much light in the room while practicing, nor should the practice be done on a mobile computer or TV screen. Sit on a seat at a distance of exactly 2 feet. And look at that picture with eye to eye until tears come from your eyes. As soon as tears come in your eyes, close your eyes and try to see that face mentally.

    Imagine what you want the person to do. Suppose you want to talk to him on phone then imagine you are getting restless to call you, you have a strong desire to talk to me on call. This way the person will be desperate to call you and will get a call back to you as soon as possible.

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